Thursday, 23 February 2012


Mrs Nua called out to our class its time for netball. We all lined up. As soon as we got there the bright sun beamed down on us. Although it was scorching  hot we were all keen to play and learn with our  netball  instructor Liz.

We all lined up on the court by the junior classes. We were learning skills,passing and balance. We already knew things from last year so it was really just building on from what we learnt last year with Emma.  First we stood either on  a dot or a cross. We faced each other and started to pass the ball. The drill we did was to learn passing.

Secondly we learnt balance. There were 2 hurdles in the middle and we were told to jump over it and catch the ball but we had to land in our positions .In that drill we learned balance.

The last drill we did was to pass the ball to your team and try score goals  by throwing it at  the cones . We played and played and played but sadly it ended we all said good bye and walked back  to class.

It was fun at  netball and i can’t wait for next week so i can hone my skills on the court when  we get to learn about defence.

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Nga Kaituhi o PES said...

Congratulations getting your first post published. I'll look forward to many more.
Mrs Nua

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