Friday, 8 August 2014

Blogging Friday !! THAILAND :)

So I havent posted on my blog since ive been busy with training and homework and tests and essays .I  have now dicided to post reguarly now so its called Blogging Friday. My first post is about my trip Overseas to Malaysia and Thailand. I went to Phuket,Kuala Lumpr,Singapore,Langkawi and Melbourne. I went over for a Muaythai(Kickboxing) comp I took part in and luckly came home with Silver. I was in thailand for a week to prep a bit more before I go over then spent a week in Langkawi and Malayasia thenback to the beautiful Thailand. I personally loved thailand the people the culture and just everything thailand had to offer defenitly a tourist must and I am defenitly going back. Im trying to go at least once or twice a year. I made a little movie of the beauty of thailand. ENJOY !! :)

PS : I havent added all the things I done in thailand but ,one big place to visit  that I left out because i couldnt upload it was the Big buddah also elephants riding and etc !!!