Monday, 27 May 2013

Diabetes Explained !!!

Well what really is Diabetes?
Diabetes is a disorder where a person has too much glucose( sugar) in their the blood. This happens because the pancreas cannot make enough insulin. Insulin is an important hormone helping glucose enter your body cells (It acts like a key) .

What  are the type of diabetes and how are they different?
There are two types of diabetes. Type 1 and Type 2.
Type 1 is where the pancreas make little or no insulin. This can develop at a very young age. The symptoms are very Noticeable. Type 1 diabetics need insulin shots and careful diets, However type 2 the condition can be treated by tablets, controlled diet and regular exercise. You can have type 2 and don’t even know you do. Type 2 develops slowly, it often shows up in older people.

What are the  effects or consequences? There are many effects of diabetes Some can be life risking if not treated immediately. Blindness, Heart attack , Stroke and losing limbs are just some of the serious consequences.

Who gets diabetes? Anybody Can get diabetes if you're young or old. Sometimes it can just grow over the years and other times you can be born with it or can be passed down in your family. People who are overweight,smoke,drink too much alcohol and don't exercise regularly have a higher chance of getting diabetes.

Can diabetes disappear? There is no cure for diabetes. Neither one can just disappear suddenly in both type 1 or Type 2.

How many people in New Zealand have diabetes?
This is very shocking according to the ministry of health there are 200,000 people in New Zealand who have diabetes but mostly type 2. And its thought to be that 100,000 more people who have diabetes but don't Know it.Diabetes is more common among Maori and Pacific Islanders.

Which Country suffers the most of diabetes? According to 2009 and 2010 It has been said that China and India have the most diabetics. Shocking News but in 2010  more than a whopping  92 million adults in China have diabetes, and nearly 150 million more are well on their way to developing it.

Believe it or not even famous people such as  Halle Berry and Elvis Presley have diabetes. Even Sugar Ray  Leonard the boxer has diabetes as well.

If you would like some more on Diabetes here's  the link to a video about diabetes made simple...

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