Thursday, 22 November 2012

Bush Hike.....

Splash ! As Ricky’s new shoes were oozing with mud and water. The Dark Green tree’s smashed across each other. The wind howling, Crash! Boom! Lightning had struck. Thunder had roared,Fog was lurking around,The clouds were gloomy and dark.  and Rain poured down. Ricky knew that it was not gonna be a good day for a hike, however Ricky didn’t care not even a slight of worry. She started her hike and settled off.

“WOW” as Ricky had approached a steep hill. But with her determination she was eager to climb it. She was Halfway there .  “Aww”!. Her back started to ache. Wobbling side to side she trotted up the mountain. She grasped onto a branch that hung out on the side of a small tree. Snap! The branch snapped and in an instant she fell down the steep long hard hill. Crack! ‘Awww she quietly said. Her leg broke! No one else was there with her. She started to regret coming. “ HELP HELP HELP ME SOMEBODY PLEASE” she yelled.  But it was a ghost town. Swish !swayed the bush as she now knew she wasn’t alone. Out of nowhere pooped out a brown big fluffy dog .It had no leash not even a collar. The dog came and sat by her. “Over there my phone” she excitedly said. She tried crawling  and wriggling to the phone but the further she moved the worse her leg got.

The dog spotted her trying to get the phone. But saw she wasn’t successful, He leaped and bounded to the phone’ Picked it up in his jaw and ran back to Ricky.  “Roof Roof Roof” barked the dog. Ricky quickly called a rescue force and like a instant they arrived. The ambulance came and checked out her leg. It was alright as long  as she rested it. The girl hopped in her car . She was about to set off on her journey home until she saw the dog sit in the middle of the path with his head down and rain bucketing down on him. She felt sorry. Ran out  and picked him up, she put him in her car and kept the dog. The dog got loved and cared for it. The dog even got a collar and a name that Ricky loves, She named him Jessie.And from this day on Ricky and Jessie live happily ever after. Ricky also learnt to never go hiking when the weather is really bad and unbearable . .

Friday, 16 November 2012

Eclipse 2012

Breaking News. It has been so that On Wednesday The Sun was blocked by the Moon. All around NZ kids and Adults were Outside waiting to take a glimpse at a rare view.The sky went dark. It was an Eclipse.

The only part of land in the world that saw the sun totally block was Australia.

The next eclipse with similar coverage will not occur over New Zealand until 2028,but Auckland will not see a better solar eclipse until 2035.

Monday, 12 November 2012

My goals for this term is to learn all  my timetable's and do better Animations. I really hope that achieve my goals . I need to Write more interesting paragraphs and to show not tell. I want to succeed in my  Test's.

Monday, 5 November 2012

My Favourite Toy Aniamtion

 This is My Favourite Toy Aniamtion. I hope you enjoy it