Friday, 23 March 2012

How to set up a tent.

You will need/Equipment …
*Tent Fly
*Team work
*Two or more people
*Guy ropes

step 1: Find a dry flat surface to lay your tent down .
step 2: Then gather all the equipment that you will need.
step 3: Now unwrap the tent and taut it flat on the ground.
step 4: Next you grab out your poles and pegs.
step 5: So now we peg the bases with a mallet but make sure you put the pegs on an 45 angle or else it will easily fly away when sleeping in it.
step 6:Pull up the tent and Connect the poles together . Connect  it at the bottom on the bases.
step 7: Now clip up the clippers on each sides.
Step 8:Peg down all the guy ropes .
Step 9: Put on your fly on so rain doesn't come through , also peg your fly down so it doesn't fly off
Step 10: Tie up the string at the top, and strap up the velcro .
Step 11: Make sure nothing is wrong with your tent and if there is fix it .
Step 12: Try out your tent and relax, relax, relax

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