Thursday, 28 June 2012

My Art Work for The art Gallery

This is My Painting that I have worked on for the last two weeks.

This is the original photo

Located in Penrose on Great South road is my favourite place of all time, my kickboxing Gym.
The reason it’s my favourite place is because I go there all the time and I really love going there to train.
I chose Daniella Hulme to portray my work. Her style emphasised the use
of shading, bright  tropical colours and island themes. I chose  Daniella Hulme because I thought that the shading would best portray my art and when we did shading with Ms Squires I liked learning and practising this style.
The hardest part was trying to do the ropes on the ring because they were too thin . The easiest part was the background.I think that I did portray the style of shading in my art work and I'm pleased with my outcome.

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