Friday, 12 July 2013

I am excited for King In The Ring !!!!

One more sleep until the night I have been waiting for.Kickboxing at its very finest.King of the ring is just around the corner and what a perfect way to start of my holidays with some action packed battles.

 King in the ring is a 8 man eliminator event which showcases kickboxing at its best.Its were 8 men around the same weight battle it out to see who gets the belt and the title “King In the Ring”. Victor “Slick “Mechkov( Slick Vic) from my gym E.T.K is fighting for the belt and I really belive he can do it and win the title.Win or loss he will make us all proud no matter what happens out there.Im looking foward to all the talented men showcase their skills and talent and ofcourse me screaming and cheering form the top of my lungs.

 I am soo looking forward to these fights tomorrow night.I’ll be sitting with my gym mates screaming for everybody that fights. Oh What a great way to start the perfect school holidays.

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Dorothy said...

What a cool post to start the holidays with Roezala.

If you can take a photo tomorrow night to share I will be really interested as I have never been.

Where is your gym?

Mrs Burt

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