Friday, 14 June 2013

Prospective Student!!!

Hanging and Dangling from the dangerous towering mountains I struggled to pull myself up. My muscles started to tighten . .Should i continue?,Should I keep going?, but with determination I pulled myself up . Exhausted and drained I persevered my treacherous journey...

My eyes lit up. The dojo was standing right in front of my eyes. And with relief I rushed to the huge solid door.  Dauntingly I knocked on the door that might be the start of my next journey. Creeck! as the the hefty door opened.There the Sensei Stood tall and strong with a penetrating stare . With apprehension I nervously  bowed down to the powerful man that stood dead still front of me.

The Sensi pointed to the side. My head dropped My shoulders shrugged and my heart was crushed. I took a deep breath and with hope I tried again. I got down and found inner peace meditating day and night. The huge door that I have been meditating in front had opened,But still Sensi pointed away. Rage was rushing through me now and I was now to the point that I kicked the door opened and showed Sensi what I have.

He pointed to a sign reading “Please use the side entrance”. I curled up with embarrassment thinking “aaaa duhh “ Isn't climbing up the treacherous rocky slope a challenge and with embarrassment and relief I walked into the dojo.

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