Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Aliza May The Ghost Of Alburn Street

Its been a while since I've posted on my blog. But recently I made up a story about a girl Name Aliza, and her story of her death. I wanted to write about tragic events not just rainbows and puppies and happy stories I wanted to be different this time so here it is Aliza May The ghost of Alburn Street.

Hi My names Aliza May, but every one calls me the ghost of Alburn Street. I was 15 at the time when a cruel person took my life away. It was on my 15th birthday March the 18th 1999. 3 years have gone by so quickly and oh so painfully. Every birthday I lay by my grave wishing I was still alive. I wonder what was going through My killers head when he pulled the trigger on me. Why me though ? What Did I do?

It was a dark ,freezing cold night. Thunder roared , lightening strikes  were flying everywhere and heavy rain bucketed down. I had just finished dance practice and  decided  that I'd  walked home ,as my house was only 4 blocks away. The streets were empty and there was no one to be seen. I slowly dawdled down Alburn street when a  tall skinny figure emerged out of a dark alleyway. My heart started to beat while the figure slowly came closer and closer. The man pulled out a gun from the back of his pants and said "Are you ready to die"In a really deep voice. Like a dash of lighting I attempted to run away, But I guess it was too late. BANG !

The bullet pierced straight through my heart and I fell to the ground. I layed in a pool of my own blood while he ran away and left me  there to die .I'm in a good place now but it gets really lonely at times I miss my family and my friends so much.I made a friend up here, her names Madeline Rose. We have 2 things in common we were both killed at the age of 15  and by the same person. How do we know you say? Well we both noticed that our killer had a black dead rose with prickly thorns tattooed on his left ankle.

The police haven't found my killer yet and that breaks my heart. I know he's out there and I know he's going to kill more people. There were no witnesses in either mine or Madeline's death. All i know was that he was tall everything else was a blur. Today Marks 3 years since I've been gone.This year I don't lye bye my grave. I walk down Alburn street instead. The night I got shot replays  through my head. I go visit my Mum, Dad and Sister at home. I walk in and they're singing. "Happy Birthday dear Aliza happy birthday to you" My little sister Maddy blows out the candles on my cake. I shed tears of joy and tears of sadness. I miss them soo much and I wish there was a way I could communicate with them , but there isn't.

When mum visit's me she always changes my flowers. White roses, My favorite. When she visit's it makes me happy. She talks to me and she brightens up my day.

Its now 5 years since  my death and I'm reunited with Mum and Maddy. They were in a tragic car incident were the car went flying off the road  through a cliff. I'm happy to see Mum and Maddy. But I look down and dad's really sad.4 weeks later we see Dad "No It couldn't be"we all say. He walks closer and said "yes it is  I couldn't live with out you all, So I decided to take my own life to reunite us together again as a family in a safe and loving place"

Life here is starting to get better for me. I'm with my family again and my killer got captured  Finally! It sadly took one more life but he's finally locked away. Me and Madline made freinds with her. Her names Ariana. All three of us are really close friends now. Were like sisters. Were still trying to find out why he killed us and why it took the police so long to catch him, But I guess that's a mystery that we might never know. I'm Aliza May and this has been my story.

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