Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Sapasui and Coco rice review

5kgs of Mince gently put in the pot. White vermicelli that looked like thin strings. The Rich soy sauce that poured into the pot like a gentle waterfall. Onions that made me cry.Peas that were so small and green. Oil that sizzled in our pot. Ginger and Garlic that made the smells travel all around our school. Rice that got mixed. Creamy coconut cream that poured on to the rice and the salt that got sprinkled in to the pot. The rice was dry but still yum. The sapasui melted in my mouth because it was so delightful.

The chefs
Ashin ,Moala,Raenan,Alex,Kitiona,Oshania,Te Rina, Jessica and Me

I sat on the chefs table.But I served.I was suprised that no one was silly at the table and it was good to see everyone geting along and just having fun.

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