Tuesday, 7 May 2013

My Holidays

The Holidays were nothing but boring. Staying at home, Watching the X factor, All the drama on Shortland street keeping me hooked watching the omnibus on Sundays. What now in the morning causing me to race to the phone. But all that was going to change. I went to the wave pool’s , On Sunday I watched the migthy warriors clash with the GC Titans , Watching my mum umpire the NZ maoris and said goodbye to Sarai at the Air port.

We had just arrived at the wave pools. Rushing to the changing rooms me and Sarai had a race. Sarai her two friends Taimana and Harlem came. It was swim time. We got in and the waves rocked and splash us. Fighting the waves we started to tire. Bombing of the edge , Floating down the lazy river and Sliding down the hydro slide. We had an action packed day. Eating lollies and a snack box chicken from KFC.

Saying good bye to Sarai was hard.  I just couldn't believe  My closest cousin was moving to Australia with my aunty. We waited at the airport spending our last moment with our family. It was a really sad moment, But I can’t wait for her to come back.

On Sunday I watched the Warriors and the Titans battle it out for victory at Mount Smart.
Although it was bucketing down with rain I still sat in my seat in the upper east. The warriors won by 1 point as it was a close game. 2nd half the warriors were in lead but I'm still lucky they won.

Although some of my holidays were a bore Not all of it.

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