Tuesday, 23 July 2013

King In the Ring (Part 2)

Its 5:30 pm and the lines have already qued up. Right here at the Kohimarama ASB Stadium people are already lining up waiting to cathc a glimpse of kickboxing at its best. It hits 6 and everyone is seated the MC steps in the ring. Calling out the oppents each fight goes by.

The 8 man was very hard having great fighters in the comp. 2 were from my Gym ETK in penrose. Victor and Edwin. Victor won his first fight in the qulafying rounds but had a war getting dazed and knocked down but like a solider got back up and kept going hard in the semi's. Edwin wining his first fight and then wining his semi fight ending with a cracked rib, but getting ready for his last fight seeing who gets the title "King in The Ring".

And Your king figthing out of the blue corner "Dan Hooker"  Baamm lights shone done on the guy that took the battle out. Confettii drifting down and the crowd rowaring and cheering.Unlucky Edwin got knocked out with a nice boby rip from Dan were he had already cracked his rib.

Oh what a great night of fights.... I saw some real talent and all the dedacation our men have for this lovely sport. Packed and  Enerjected are just some words thats discribed the atmospehre.The lights were beaming all around the Kohimarama Stadium.

It doesnt matter win or loss for our 2 warriors they tried their hardest and thats all that matters.

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Ms Squires said...

Sounds like it was an exciting event Roezala. They must be pretty tough though, fighting even with a cracked rib. I really enjoyed reading your post. Keep up the great writing.

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