Sunday, 11 August 2013

Open Day at Rangitoto College !!!

Wow! as soon as I reached the top of the concrete stairs that lead to the audotoruim all I could think was OMG this is a massive school. This could be my college there is a possibility that I'm going to be a pupil here.  With shock and butterflies in my stomach I  sat down.

There was a nicely dressed man in a suit standing with a group of people. He looked at me with a big smile and suddenly he walked over to me.  "David Hodges principle of Rangitoto college, he said."
"What school do you go to" " Point England" I happily said. "WOOW! Do you know I was the principle of Tamaki college before'." Ok if your really serious about coming to Rangitoto Ill make it happen anything for my girl'. With extreme happiness I smiled from one ear to the other. 

It was finally Tour time. We got partnered up with these two very kind girls showing us all around shcool showing us all the departments Music, Science, Maths, Socila Study rooms, Their Gyms. WOWW!! was all I thought I love this school already.  After the beautiful tour we got taken to the libary for all the information packs.

I walked in the libary and and walked out with alot of panflets and a prosictive . When i walked in I staright away went to the uniforms and staright away i loved it.  Year 9-10 wear blue uniforms and Year 11-12 wear red uniforms and year 13's wear mufti. I walked arounfd to the sports side and there were so many sports to choose from.

I was soooo impressed with Rangitoto college that I really really want to go there next year. I was also happy that we get to bring our own devices to school. They also have google docs there too. YESS! I really hope that next year I'll be going to Rangitoto.

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Nga Kaituhi o PES said...

It all sounds very exciting Roezala. I was talking to Mum about your choices, it's great that you are thinking so carefully about the school that will be right for you. What a long day you will have though! Anyway I hear they offer Fencing and some other exciting programmes that you are interested in!
What a big decision it is for everyone at this time of the year.
Kia kaha
Mrs Nua

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