Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Auckland VS Syria

As the aroma of my mothers cooking travelled throughout my house, I exhaustedly got out of my cozy, warm bed. I lazily dawdled  to  the kitchen table and all I could hear were my siblings disputing. “Typical” I whispered to myself. I sat down at the table and right in front of my eyes were plenty of food . Today was going to be great. I thought to myself.

It was a freezing cold morning. I didnt have any warm clothes and it was biting cold. Nothing but one thin, scrawny blanket to keep me warm. My stomach grumbled. I was starving and there was absolutely nothing to eat. I sadly knew today was going to be, yet another dreadful day

Mid day in Auckland

The bell rang and everyone rushed out side. It was lunch time. I sat down in the shade with a full packed lunchbox . I slowly ate my lunch and giggled with my friends. The second bell rang and we all  sprinted to the field. The scorching hot sun shone down on me. What A nice day to relax and talk to my friends

The sun shone down  on me it was so hot . I was exhausted. I walked around the streets searching for food for my family. While my little brother cried. I walk around the streets desperate. Food here is scarce and I hate seeing my family upset. I carry on trying to provide for my family.

Night in Auckland

I come home to dinner cooking. Mmmmmmm. I turn my TV on and watch my favourite programmes. After dinner i snuggle up into my warm cozy pj’s. I crawl into bed. My mum pulls my covers up onto me and  kisses me goodnight.

Its night time. Its dark cold and freezing. I get ready for bed. My family pray for food and good health. I lay on the freezing cold ground, No insulation , No blankets and no warm clothes. I cry myself to sleep, Hoping tomorrow will be a nice day and bless us with food.

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