Monday, 21 October 2013

My 5 Top Dream Jobs!!!! :)

1!!!- PRO MUAYTHAI FIGHTER. (Kick boxing )
Why- Because we travel a lot and get to meet new people.
       - Because Women need to prove that we are stronger then men( AND WE ARE)
      - Because I love this sport and I grew up with it
     - Because I want to be world CHAMPION one day and have a lot of belts.

What do I need to make it in this sport  - I need a fighters Heart , Passion and Drive
                                                             -Determation, Dedication ,


2!!! Lollie Tester
Because  I Love Lollies
I love Sweet Things
Im a lollieholic

3!!! Plane attendant.
I love travelling
I love planes

4!!! Getting paid for testing iPhone's , laptops and all the new technology
Because i love phones even though I don't have one
I like apps and playing games on phones
Because i LOVE Love love TECHNOLOGY.

5!!! Own all the theme parks in the world.
Because I love to seek thrill
I absolutely  love theme parks.

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