Monday, 18 November 2013

My Freinds!!

My friends are just amazing! I have so many memories with my friends, Laughing and giggling till the home time bell and smiling and talking to each other all day. My friends Britney, Asena, Moala, Tui, Jazmine, Mary and Ali are just the best. We all have soo many things in common one is we all absolutely love to laugh and Smile.

One of my best memory with Britney, Mary,Sena and Moala will have to be when we sit in our  classroom bay and laugh really hard the whole of lunch. They are all amazing, pretty, hilarious and they all know me really well.

Ali is amazing we have soo many things in common like we both are 12 we both love food , we love to laugh and we both do kickboxing. Ali is so amazing she is pretty, outgoing, energetic, hilarious, quiet,and just awesome. My favourite memory with Ali was when we went to Sylvia park  and we were stuffing our faces with food. We were walking down the escalator and tripped. I fell on one of the escalator steps and she started cracking up.  Although I only meet Ali this year it feels like I’ve known her forever.

Tui and Jasmine are really both loving, caring and funny.
Tui is loud and amazing , she has dry jokes at times but its funny when she cracks up at her own jokes. She is nice and she is just stunning My most precious memory with Tui was sitting in creative strand mocking each other and also doing the pukana at each other in kapa haka.

Jazmine is tall, kind hearted, she was in my netball team and she is  very pretty. We are both in Kapa Haka and we both went Waitangi. Jazmine is outgoing and really funny, we both laugh at Tui when she laughs at her own dry jokes. Me and Jazzy’s best memory is mocking girls on the netball court and how we were at Waitangi and I was on her tablet trying to figure out how to play Candy Crush.

My friends are all amazing and I love them for who they are. They are truly the best ever.

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