Friday, 29 November 2013

My Writing Sample

I awoke to the intense roar of thunder, and blazing strikes of the treacherous lightning. I was snuggled in my cozy warm bed. Tossing and turning ,I struggled to fall asleep again. I closed my eyes and hoped that sooner or later I will go back to sleep

‘Jessica, Jessica, Jessica’ a voice spookley whispered. I curled up in my bed clutching the blankets as hard as I could. ‘Jessica ,Jessica ,Jessica’  The voice lured me out of bed. I slowly took one step onto the solid cold wooden floor. Anxiously I  scardedly followed  the voice. I creeped down the staircase  and listened carefully to where the voice was coming from.

Creeeek! as I opened the door that lead down into the old basement. By candle light I creeped down through all the cobwebs . BAMMM! the door slams and the candle blows out. Panicking I run up the stairs and try to open the door. Petrified I yank and yank the door handle. “Help Somebody please help” I screamed.

I hear footsteps coming closer and closer, I yank the door handle again and again but It just won't open at all. My heart starts beating really fast while the footstep comes closer and closer.
I try one more time to open the door. ARRRRRRRGHHHHHH!

Whatever or whoever this was dug its sharp long nails into my back. I cried while the mysterious creature scratched me all over my face and back. Blood dripped from my face . Blood oozed from my back.I screamed as loud as I could “Help please somebody Help”
It was too late !  My clothes were soaked while I laid in a pool of my own blood.

“Jessica Jessica Jessica , Wake up sweetie” My mum stood in front of me with a huge smile, I dazed outside the window and the sun was out shining bright as usual. I run into the bathroom and look in the mirror. “No blood!, Huh” I wondered. With a huge sigh of relief I run down stairs into the kitchen ready for another beautiful day.

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