Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Camp !!!@ Keswick Rotorua

Camp Was Awesome!! 

For me I really liked Swimming in the Blue lake and Creason creek, Staying up late gossiping and getting to know my  room mates more. Swimming at the Kauira Pools,the Agrodome and watching movies late at night.

The food there wasn't that great but hey ,It was something. Each group had duties, Washing the dishes, setting up, or serving. We shared the dinning room with other schools and the first night it was really loud.

The walking was alright but the only thing was that when we walked around the blue lake it was raining.Walking around the thermal wonderland was pretty cool looking at craters and mudpools. 

The Ludge
The Ludge was soo AWESOME. I loved trying to race and overtake my friends on the way down. At first I was nervous to go on but after my first ride I couldn't wait to go on again. I went down two times because I won an extra ludge ticket for fitness on Tuesday morning. On the way up back to the ludge it was funny watching Ms V(Daisy ) screaming because she's scared of heights. We kept telling Miss to open her eyes but she wouldn't. I absouletly loved the ludge and the gondola that took us up.

My Group.
I was in a group called the Originators. Our team leader was Raenan and our Parent was Marleen, Serena's mum. In our group there was  Me,Ashleigh, Shoal, Mary I, Eleva, Raenan, Gabriel and Patrick.Our group was pretty awesome.

The Agrodome
The Agrodome was just amazing, The show was hilarious and the sheep were so well trained. My favourite sheep's were Merino and Drysdale. The dogs were well trained too doing tricks like spinning around on the stage and many more. The nursery was sooo amazing touching,holding,and feeding the baby animals. I held a black baby lamb and feed some other baby lambs. I also saw a deer that looked like baby Bambii.

Swimming was sooo cool. At creason creek the water was nice and warm. A group of kids swam there and it felt like a spa pool. We also swam at the blue lake when it was raining at it was really cold but still a lot of fun jumping of the pontoon. At kuira pools we had a blast jumping of the trampoline into the pool and just hanging out with all our friends. I know the girls had a blast jumping together taking photos.

My Cabin
Our cabin got named the " Popular Cabin"  for the music blasting and having a lot of visitors in our cabin when it was free time. It was fun staying up late gossiping with the girl's and I feel camp made me  know more about the girls I slept with. In our cabin there was Me, Rita, Ash, Shoal, Jaz and Seno. 

Late night movies.
Late night movies were really relaxful. The last 2 nights of camp we watched movies, the first night Pitch perfect then the next the Avengers. This was were we all just get warm in our blankets get together and watch movies and have fun with each other . Some people watched the movie and some people were falling asleep.

I loved our final camp! It was pretty AWESOME .Spending time with the year 8's before we all leave next year for college. KESWICK CAMP WAS PRETTY AWESOME!!!.

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