Thursday, 12 December 2013

Netbook and Learning Reflection

How has having a netbook connected to the internet helped my learning this year?

This year has been an awesome year for me personally with my netbook, I’ve learned and improved so much over the  past year. For example in the beginning of the year my reading age was 13, now I read at 14.5, because all the weeks spent in literacy with Ms Lagitupu ,reading online articles for our  reading tasks and using google to research what we were learning about. In maths i’ve improved  thanks to our online sites that act like tutors such as Maths whizz and XtraMath and all our strategy problems on our classes online  site.

I’ve learnt how to do technical skills, such as using creative commons to licence my work, do a whole heap of things in Imovie and many more. Most of my learning this year on my netbook were with a partner ,and I’ve picked up a lot of technical skills from all the other kids that have had there netbook longer than me. I’ve also learnt a lot by myself at home, researching things when i'm being noisy about a specific event or person and posting on my blog in the holidays trying to improving my writing.

I’ve had such a great successful year, I’ve learnt and improved so much and I love being able to use a my netbook and technology connected to the internet. I’m pretty upset that next year I wont be taking my netbook but I will be taking a different device  to college but i'm also happy that where im going we use google docs and everything that I did this year so that means I can still keep my blog I just need to transform it over to my new school next year.

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Dorothy said...

Hi Roezala. What a very interesting reflection you have shared here. I a intrigued that you have learnt so much from your online reading. Well done. Do you think you will borrow books from Tamaki College eLibrary in the holidays?

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