Monday, 9 December 2013

Camp Keswick Day 1!!

Day 1 @ Camp Keswick!!!

We all arrived at 8:30 in the morning with a huge smile on our faces all eager to get on the bus. After the roll and a Korero from Mr Burt we all rushed with our bags on the bus. Then we hit the road. Our first stop on the way down to Rotorua was at a lake. We stopped to have our lunch and some fresh air. At the lake we played with rocks down by the water and some of us even found some mussels. Soon we all hopped on the bus ready to go on another stop at a dam were we saw huge gold fishes and walked on a bridge surrounded  by water. We finally arrived at Camp Keswick were got organized into our cabins and had a little time to chill out. We then got on the bus and travelled to a mountain were we did a 3.8 km walk some people ran. When we walked everybody was complaining because Mr Barks said there was no uphill  yet there were and he said it was only a short walk ( 3.8!!) and on my way down the hills I rolled my ankle and but luckily Lorenz was there. Back at camp when we arrived back we had our showers some people went for a swim across the road and we got ready for dinner. For Dinner we had  Chicken casserole with steamed rice and glazed carrots. Dessert we had chocolate moose but our school didn't get any because the other schools that were there eat it all. After dinner we practised our prize giving dance then settled in our cabins ready for the next day.


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