Friday, 8 March 2013

Jason (Phsyco) Suttie

Jason Suttie is a ex Muaythai fighter, Trainner, Gym owner, 6 time world Muaythai champion and many more.

Jason Suttie owns Elite thai kickboxing (ETK). He is also a trainner at the gym too. Jason is a champion figther . He is samoan and fights in the heavy weight cataergory. Jason began his Muay Thai in Thailand when he went on an exchange program in the seventh form. Outside Jason's academic scholarship studies in Thailand he spent his free time at a Muay Thai camp. Jason had his first Muay Thai fight up against a veteran of 40 fights - this was full Thai rules to 5 times three minutes rounds, elbows and knees to the head, punches, kicks; the whole deal. This fight came after only two months training and Jason went the distance losing only on points. The college where Jason was studying forbid him to fight again as they considered it to be too dangerous, however Jason did manage to sneak out for an amateur boxing fight which he won with a second round TKO.

Former owner of ETK im honoured that I get to train with the very best and for him to be in my corner when i fight.

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