Friday, 5 April 2013

Were getting Ready for Fia Fia!!

 Today at Assembly today we had a little taste of drumming and dancing all the way from the Cook Islands. A group of men banged and tapped their drums with hard, thick drum sticks, While 4 girls came out in lovely costumes and started to do a traditional dance with shaking of the hips and soft hand movement.  Costumes were beautiful Yellow lava lava's , black singlet and a headpiece with feathers on top."Wow "I thought!

The girls danced and danced while the crowd cheered and applauded.Turning, Shaking their hips and twirling their hands. Men in the background drumming a nice beat to the movement of the girls. The beats that the men banged of their drums were loud.

The point of showing different cultures every week is to celebrate successfully and to learn other people 's culture  . Its also to get a taste of what its going to be like on the night at our schools 60th Fia Fia.
The dancing was beautiful ad now I cant wait for the actual  night to see all the students sharing their culture with pride.  

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