Tuesday, 2 October 2012

League Prize giving 2012

Prize Giving 2012
Rugby league.

This Year I was happy to be apart of the Mount Wellington Warriors Rugby League Club. I played under 12's this year and I have been playing for Mount for 8years now. Our prize-giving was held on a Saturday inside the hall of our Club rooms. They Called up My team. Everybody got a trophy for their participation to our team and to our games. I went up and got mine. After a while there was only one trophy on the table for our team.It was a special award. It was for me. I went up to get it as it would be my last trophy for Mount because girls are not allowed to play Under 13's as they start competition. Prize giving carried on.Then it was home time.

The next day I go outside and see a package addressed to me. I quickly take it in side to see whats in it. It was a package from the Vodafone warriors. Inside was a envelope saying I have been awarded Best and Fairest of 2012. There were also other cool things inside.
There was a Warriors Plate with a fork and a spoon, A timer, A new Warriors Ball, Ice packs,A wrist Band,A ruler, An autograph book and 6 limited addition 2012 rugby league cards. The best Thing in the Package was a letter saying I get a season pass for 2013 and Its for free.I also get one for my dad tooo


Nga Kaituhi o PES said...

That's amazing Roezala, well done. I bet your Mum and Dad are extremely proud. I'm sure Dad was really pleased with the tickets too!!
Mrs Nua


Great work Roezala you must of been the best player in your team.I bet that your mum and dad are really proud of you.Also great photos you took.Keep up the Fantastic work.

By Alexandria.J

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