Tuesday, 2 October 2012

My Brother Nytram

My crazy brother Nytram has black short but sometimes fuzzy hair that goes with his white skin. My brothers best accessory is his cheeky smile that he is wearing at home twenty four seven and that's when we know he did something wrong.

Guilty  for everything is what you can call my brother . Naughty all the time. here and there just so he can get his way. Trouble maker, making all my cousins cry even my little innocent sister. Although my brother is naughty and guilty for everything he is still cool to me.

Nytram loves to eat and eat and eat but never puts on weight .He is a huge game freak... Every day he plays on his Wii non stop for a couple of hours what a freak he is. Oh my gosh he is so annyoing and he loves to be an egg and annoys me every single day.

We love playing together. But most of all I love fighting and making him cry but we still just playing.He is so fun to spend a whole day with him and I wish I could every -day

I am so glad that my brother is still alive because when Nytram was two years old he didn’t have enough Iron in his body to survive. Now he is one of the best thing in my life and I’ll be devastated if he passed away.

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